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Can the film also be purchased privately?
Yes, the film can be purchased by both commercial and private customers.
How do I find the right dimensions for ordering film sheets or film rolls?
You will find detailed step-by-step instructions conveniently linked to the respective product on the shop page. The correct dimensions can be found on the front of your solar module, the side facing the sun. There you need to measure the distance in millimetres between opposing frame elements (results in length and width).
Do the PV modules have to be cleaned before the film is applied?
Yes, the solar module must be free of particles, other dirt and grease for the film application. In general, commercially available household cleaners are sufficient. Follow the instructions of the solar module manufacturer.
Can special film sizes be ordered from you?
Yes, we also offer films in customised dimensions. Please use our contact form to make an enquiry. We will then be happy to provide you with a customised quote.
The film does not reach under the frame. Can the small, exposed gap cause glare?
No, it is only a few millimetres, which is not enough to cause glare. The solar modules with anti-glare film are completely glare-free.
How does the foil affect the performance and annual yield of my solar modules?
Due to physics and optics, the foil slightly reduces the nominal power output of a solar module by a few percentage points (~5% with perpendicular incidence of light).
But: it is the annual yield that is important - and here just a small loss can be expected (~3% and less), because the anti-glare properties of the foil improve the relative performance of the solar module at oblique incidence of light. With rather unfavorable solar module orientations, the effect can even result in the yield remaining unchanged or even improving slightly. Overall, the annual yield is very close to its original value without foil, even if the change in nominal power output would suggest otherwise.
How does the foil on a PV module behave in the event of heavy hail?
We have had hail tests carried out with 35 mm-thick grains without any damage to the foil or the PV module. In this respect, the foil offers more of a protection for the PV module.

Installing the anti-glare film

How is the film applied to the modules?
The film can be applied by hand and in pairs using a squeegee and soapy water. You can find instructions here: https://phytonics.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/Applikationshinweise-X-RF.pdf
Can I apply the film myself or are there specialised companies for this?
If you have some manual skills, you can apply the film yourself using the instructions.
Otherwise, we recommend that you commission an advertising technician or wrapper in your area to apply the film. Please refer to our website and our instructions for advice.
We generally recommend dismantling the solar modules before applying the film and applying the film on the ground.
Can I also commission Phytonics to wrap my modules?
You can request such a service directly via our contact form and we will provide you with a customised offer.

Please note that we only offer this service for orders of 2 pallets (72 modules) or more.
Can the film also be applied to solar modules on the roof?
We recommend dismantling the solar modules so that the cleaning and wrapping of the solar modules can be carried out on the ground.
In individual cases, however, it may also be possible to apply a film to the roof - for example, to solar systems installed on flat roofs that can be walked on, provided the solar modules are sufficiently accessible. However, the solar modules must only be at ambient temperature and not in operation. Proper fall protection must also be provided!
On non-accessible, pitched roofs, foiling on the roof is not possible and is excluded.
Please note: We accept no liability for damage to persons, the house itself, the PV modules or the film in connection with the film application on the roof.


Is there a guarantee on the anti-glare film?
Yes, we will provide a guarantee for our anti-glare film in future, but not for the success of the film application on the solar module, as we do not apply the film ourselves.
We are currently carrying out the final weathering tests, after which we will finalise the scope and duration of the guarantee. Both also apply retroactively to products purchased up to that point.

Pre-coated PV modules

When will pre-coated solar modules be available?
We will be able to offer pre-coated modules in small quantities from the beginning of September 2024. The solar modules have been specially modified to meet our requirements.
What is the performance class of the pre-coated solar modules?
The solar modules will have an output of approx. 425W.
What are the dimensions, weight and other properties of the modules?
Cell technology: TOPCon, monocrystalline
Module dimensions: 1762 mm x 1134 mm x 30 mm
Weight: 24.5 kg
2 x 2.0 mm tempered solar glass with Phytonics anti-glare coating (replaces the standard anti-reflective coating)
Junction box and protection class: 3 pcs. each with one bypass diode, IP68 fully encapsulated
Cable & plug: 4mm² solar cable with 120 cm length, STÄUBLI MC4-Evo 2 plug
What is the warranty on the solar modules?
We are currently negotiating the assumption of warranty with our supplier. Our aim is to maintain the warranty on the modules for our customers as far as possible.
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